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mini pokie machinePokie Machines or just "Pokies" is usually a slang word in Australia and New Zealand for slot machines. There is no documented date for when the term "Pokies" was first applied. People today in Australia often say factors like "I'm going to have a spin on the pokies" or "I'm off to have a flutter on the pokies".

History of Pokie Machines

Old Clubmaster Australian pokie machine

How Pokie Machines Started

First I feel the need to say that the first pokie machine was originally developed inside the United States of America (San Francisco) by Charles Fey who invented the old pokie machine "Liberty Bell". Most aussies do not realize that in their early development pokie/slot machines games in Australia (also in most of the countries) were illegal to play and were mostly an underground enterteinment.

The first Pokie Machines arrived to Australia in the early 1900s and, though as much loved by many, remained illegal throughout the country until the mid-fifties when the New South Wales government approved their use, of course in properly registered clubs.

Around the 1950s in Australia, an organization led by Len Aisnworth founded the company Aristocrat; this Aussie company developed and distributed the first Australian Pokie Machine called "The Clubman" which was publicly released in 1953. They released two years later a new and improved pokie machine game known as the "Clubmaster", but it wasn't until 1956 when the New South Wales Australian government legalized gaming machines in clubs and then the industry really took off.

The following decades show almost nothing new in terms of the pokie machine games and changes to the mechanics of how the pokies games worked. They all had three spinning reels and either one, three or five pay lines. The jackpots were - by today's standards - tiny, and the interactivity with the game was limited to only pulling the lever and waiting for the reels.

Interactivity and Video Pokie Machines

IronMan 2 Video Pokie machine

It was not until the mid 1980's when Australia got its first wave of video pokies machines which were interactive, featured with descent graphics and had multi pay lines. To our consideration this was the biggest development in gambling since Charles Fey had invented the very first pokie machine. Not simply did the pokie games have five reels but they also had a lot of extra pay lines, free spins, bonuses and offered more ways to win like free spin and bonus functions. The new interactivity and excitement of the pokie machine games led to a massive take up in the Australian population.

Australian pokie machine games today are leading the way in relation to new game concepts, innovation and graphics.

Online Pokie Machines

As the online pokie machine games has no actual physical parts, the fairness is assured by a critical piece of the software known as the random number generator or "RNG"; the outcome of an online pokie is actually determined when you click your mouse to spin the virtual wheels of this video pokie game (When you hit the mouse will take three nanoseconds and you'll get a different outcome). Be assure RNGs of online casinos are conscientious checked by independent assessing bodies like Technical Systems Testing.

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